BinaryDOM and TextDOM API


BinaryDOM API is a software package for binary data manipulation. It mimics XMLDOM standard classes, but they were adapted for binary data and simplified where possible.
It contains classes similar to System.Xml, System.Xml.Schema and System.Xml.XPath.
All the API is contained within Miraplacid.BinaryDOM namespace.

Just like XMLDOM, BinaryDOM consists of the following groups of classes:


TextDOM API is built to be similar to BinaryDOM, but it specialized on textual data manipulation.
It does not require specialized low-level structures for data storage, like Variant or BinStorage. TextDOM uses ordinary .Net String and Char datatypes to store primitives.
This API is contained within Miraplacid.TextDOM namespace.

TextDOM consists of the following groups of classes:

Common API

Some classes and data structures used by both BinaryDOM and TextDOM.
Some other classes are low-level and do not belong to some subsystem directly.
This API is contained within Miraplacid.DOMUtils namespace.

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